08-12-08 09:57 AM
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  1. gs warrior 88's Avatar
    "Triple, nonfat, half decaffeinated caramel French Roast cappuccino, with a hint of hazelnut and orange extract, with foam in a separate cup."
    Just came from Starbucks and i getting tired of ordering my usual iced white mocha. Just wondering what everyone else orders so i can try something new.
    It doesn't have to be Starbucks, just wherever you go to buy your daily java.
    07-01-08 01:29 PM
  2. Baroness110902's Avatar
    I love my simple David Rio spice chai latte. Taste kinda like hot nilla wafers or maybe even graham crackers.

    complicated drinks mess my system up!
    07-01-08 01:31 PM
  3. chaz_cb's Avatar
    No to make it sound complicated, but I usually order a "coffee".

    At Starbuck's, it's a Venti cafe latte. Only thing I like there.

    (boring, I know) lol
    07-01-08 01:31 PM
  4. raylol16's Avatar
    Wait so at Starbucks to get a regular coffee you gotta say all of that? Kind of long winded sheesh.
    07-01-08 01:33 PM
  5. Miss.Horrible's Avatar
    No to make it sound complicated, but I usually order a "coffee".

    At Starbuck's, it's a Venti cafe latte. Only thing I like there.

    (boring, I know) lol

    Hah, what do you mean?
    Even that sounds foo foo.

    I don't drink coffee.
    07-01-08 01:34 PM
  6. Kathryn's Avatar
    I always ask for Caf au Lait, even though they always have to look it up in the book.

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    07-01-08 01:37 PM
  7. atlas9171's Avatar
    Usually get premium blend, black at the Speedway gas station, after my 6th the 7th is free or I just go to Tim Hortons and get a large black coffee there.
    07-01-08 01:40 PM
  8. rod407's Avatar
    It depends on the time of day I go but...

    In the AM: venti iced cafe mocha or iced cafe latte

    In the PM: venti mocha frappuccino
    07-01-08 01:57 PM
  9. inthearmsofsl33p's Avatar
    mocha frappucino!
    07-01-08 02:03 PM
  10. sunnnshine99's Avatar
    Iced mocha... mmm. love starbucks.
    07-01-08 02:28 PM
  11. greenlove's Avatar
    Just a caramel Frappichino... all year round.....
    07-01-08 02:34 PM
  12. crashovrride's Avatar
    Mocha Latte, Cinnamon Dolce Misto with whip and Misto sprinkles, or an Iced Green Tea Latte. Mmmm
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    07-01-08 02:46 PM
  13. crayola_sky's Avatar
    i dont like star bucks
    Im not a coffee drinker..and find their hot chocolate really bitter.
    07-01-08 02:51 PM
  14. flairbrtndr3's Avatar
    venti iced caramel macciato add 3 shots mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    gotta love 5 shots of espresso
    07-01-08 02:56 PM
  15. Lovewalk218's Avatar
    whew flair, sometimes that is just what i need, i will remember that, and im not really a coffee drinker either but with school and work sometimes i need it (hate their hot chocolate too crayola)

    but i love the vanilla bean frappachino with caramel sauce!
    07-01-08 03:04 PM
  16. chatter_box's Avatar
    I'm a starbucks addict. I have one of those personalized starbucks cards. Generally I change up my drink now and then to the following (sometimes iced and sometimes not):

    Grande triple soy caramel macciato
    Grande triple skinny caramel latte
    Grande Tazo Chai Latte
    Grande Green Tea Latte

    and a non-coffee based drink I get is
    Strawberry Lemonaid
    07-01-08 03:05 PM
  17. Lovewalk218's Avatar
    strawberry lemonade!!!! didnt know they had that, is it like a slushie?
    07-01-08 03:10 PM
  18. chatter_box's Avatar
    Yeah it's basically like a slushy. Thing is, I don't think its advertised on those menu billboard thingys. Make sure they make it right, I get so annoyed if they make my drink wrong and don't put enough of the strawberry.
    07-01-08 03:12 PM
  19. Lovewalk218's Avatar
    im gonna get one right now, i just started seeing the regular lemonade but i dont really like reg lemonade. thanks!
    07-01-08 03:15 PM
  20. Lovewalk218's Avatar
    got the strawberry lemonade, love it thanks!
    07-01-08 03:27 PM
  21. chatter_box's Avatar
    Wow that was so quick! I'm really jealous now! haha. But i'm too lazy to walk over to the nearest starbucks.
    07-01-08 03:31 PM
  22. Lovewalk218's Avatar
    yep starbucks is around the corner from my job lol so i just told them i"ll be right back, and i had to let the berry get some sun
    07-01-08 03:35 PM
  23. crayola_sky's Avatar
    (hate their hot chocolate too crayola)
    haha glad its not just me.
    In highschool..about 6 years ago or so..(god how scarry is that) my friends and i lined up at 5 in hte morning for concert tickets. we had people holding our place in line..
    we headed for the nearest starbucks ..and i orderd the hot chocolate.
    then we went to subway (this was not at 5 am any longer i forget what time it was) and we sat there...i took a sip and was like ew thats disgusthing..anyone want it..lmao.. and so we passed it around..everyone thought it was sooo gross.haha
    ahh the memories..
    im sure SB has some great drinks though
    07-01-08 03:40 PM
  24. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    I don't want to learn a whole new language
    just to get caffeine so I just say "the biggest
    cup of coffee flavored coffee you got"
    07-01-08 03:41 PM
  25. pltaylor's Avatar
    black and bitter
    07-01-08 03:45 PM
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