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    Bluelans Gadgets blog, Sony CFO Masaru Kato verified Sony is developing PS4 game machine at the telephone meeting with investors.

    When investor asked Kato the reason that Sony increases developing spending, Kato said, as for home equipment, PS3 is still have powerful life force. But this is a platform business. Therefore, in the future platform, he cant told when will release the product. But they were in developing process. So it needs some fees.

    However, from professional video game accessories wholesale bluelans.com point of view, the words of Sony CFO was mutual contradictory with their CEO Kaz Hirai. Hirai said that PS3 will be the main business of Sony till 2016. And the next generation play station was not the thing discussed now.

    But this happened before crisis. Due to Sony PSN network suffered hacking make users strongly dissatisfied; furthermore, Nintendo may launch next generation game Wii 2. Bluelans.com considers, Sony may have no choice, but only releases PS4 in advance.

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    06-09-11 11:40 PM