1. weirdlilberry's Avatar
    My stupid moment of, well, probably the year so far...

    Last night (around 11:30PM) I drive to the airport to pick up hubby from his weekly travels. I get out of the car, close the door, take about 3 steps, and realize that I just locked my keys in my car. Knowing that hubby's keys are at home, I know we are in trouble.

    I meet hubby at the greeting area, and tell him I wasn't quite sure how we were going to get home because I just locked my keys in the car. He said "You're joking, right?". Of course, I said no. Then he starts to laugh. We go verify that indeed, I did lock my keys in the car and decide to take a taxi home to get his keys.

    A $33.00 cab ride later (I live about 20 minutes from the airport), we grab his keys, climb in his truck, and drive back to the airport.

    My keys were found nestled nicely in my purse - which was locked in the car.

    Sometimes life is truly an adventure.

    What makes this story even funnier is that I had my beloved BlackBerry in my hands the whole time. Apparently, it was more important to keep my BlackBerry in my hand then my keys!
    03-28-08 11:03 AM
  2. garbagefairy1967's Avatar
    Wow, you are very lucky no one broke in your car and stole your purse! I woulda missed my BB first too.. lol
    03-28-08 11:23 AM
  3. mzshey2x's Avatar

    I agree, every day is an adventure!

    My door automatically locks when I walk out & I've been notorious for walking out w/ my BB & no keys! Fortunately, the management downstairs keeps a set of keys for emergencies like that.
    03-28-08 11:42 AM
  4. s.f.clk02's Avatar
    dam that sucks

    you guys ever lock your keys in the car and the car was still running. man i dont know how that happened that day
    03-28-08 12:05 PM
  5. daddybear's Avatar
    i changed the locks on my house so i CANNOT lock the door when i leave WITHOUT USING THE KEY...

    it will not lock by itself...

    it has saved me a lot of hassles...

    my truck also will not lock unless i use the key fob button...

    if you lock the door and get out it will unlock...

    only someone in the passenger seat can lock the door and close it and it willl stay locked...

    03-28-08 12:09 PM
  6. hal737's Avatar
    hahaha thats funny...and happened to me a few times. it always happens when i have someone else with me distracting me.
    03-28-08 12:10 PM
  7. Ottojr's Avatar
    Wow....Good you only live 20 mins away..otherwise the outcome would have been more involved.

    I was on a flight recently seated, the door closed and we were about to push off and the door reopened and an agent asked for me to come to the front of the plane. I had left my passport on the counter and they had it in hand for me. I was so grateful as it would have been a pain to Fed Ex that to where I was going.


    03-28-08 02:02 PM
  8. Kara81's Avatar
    WOW, that should go in the BB Hall of Shame but proves your Crackberriness Love the rush your BB gives in the palm of your hands, don't cha!!!
    03-28-08 02:05 PM
  9. weirdlilberry's Avatar
    And I should mention that hubby added a key code pad to our garage door, so all we had to do to get into the house was punch in the code. If it were not for that, we would have been locked out of the house as well.
    03-28-08 02:35 PM