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    This is what we've been dealing with for the last three weeks.

    Sudden energy crunch forces Juneau to conserve electricity

    Basically----On April 16th, a avalanche took out some transmission towers that feed ALL of our electricity from the hydro electric plant. Now we are running the ENTIRE town on diesel power. That means that instead of oh, say a $150 monthly electric bill we will be paying $750. Oh, and its not going to be just a one time thing--they are expecting the repairs to take about three months AND even when we are running on Hydro-electric power again--some say that the price will remain high to finance the expense of the repairs as well as the cost of the fuel.

    This is a serious issue because not only is the Electric bill going up, so is food, fuel and countless other items.

    05-03-08 10:38 PM
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    Unbelievable.... well, not really - not today.

    I just can't imagine a jump like that.
    05-03-08 10:41 PM
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    OMG, I feel so bad for you all!!! Hang in there!
    05-03-08 10:48 PM
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    Yeah--imagine whatever your monthly bill is and multiply it by 5 then multiply that by at least 3......its ALOT.

    we were denied any kind of disaster relief so individual homeowners/businesses are going to shoulder the expense. They are working on identifying people and small businesses who will be most impacted (what does that mean? :/ ) by the increases. The CRAPPY part is the electric company is basically saying "tough s(&$"--pay up".

    Our family will be "okay" but what about the single parents who live in apartments with only electric? yikes. One friend of mine usually pays about 325/month---her bill will be around $1600/month. NO Kidding!-so yeah--Conservation is very much on everyones minds around here.
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    05-03-08 10:49 PM
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    Sorry to hear that we should start up a cb collection

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    05-03-08 10:56 PM
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    haha--no no, thanks though! --

    I CHOOSE to live in one of most expensive cities in the US--I expect this is just a bump in our economics.
    05-03-08 11:01 PM
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    thats crazy.... good luck!! we use our fire place in the winter to heat the house and dry all our clothes on the line outside... but no where near what your dealing with.
    05-05-08 02:36 PM
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    Hrm...my thoughts go out to you, but...this would cause me to think...

    Maybe it's just me, but living in places where floods, avalanches, tornados or pretty much ANY natural disaster have fairly high occurrences is kind of like gambling against really BAD house odds...

    And for the record...try living in Memphis, one of the only monopolized energy towns left in America.
    3 bedroom house-Average monthly bill-$250 in the winter(only THIS low because we dont use our gas heat much),
    $300 in the summer,(no central air).
    And supposedly we have one of the lowest costs of living in the country...ha, yeah right.
    05-05-08 02:49 PM