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    Aloha everyone! This is my first time in the off-topic thread (i'm always in the 83xx or tmo) but I really need some help! My resume doesn't seem too good and need someone to point out stuff to make it better. I haven't been in school for quite sometime so I really need help in making it better. I really need a job and here in hawaii with all the layoffs, i need all the help i can get! So here it is:
    Shin-Bi Han
    PO BOX 0000
    Honolulu, HI 96811

    (808) 000-0000

    OBJECTIVE: Seeking an entry level position with room to grow.

    EDUCATION: Waipahu High School graduate as of June. 4th, 2006

    SKILLS &
    • Use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point
    • Team player, hard working, and reliable
    • Personable and open-minded
    • Communicates well with others
    • Eager to learn new skills


    Aiea Public Library Aiea, HI
    Student Volunteer 04/2005 - ending of 05/2005.

    • Sort, stamp, file, and collated library books
    • Made labels, inventoried, and processed books
    • Worked with minimal supervision

    Wal-Mart Honolulu, HI
    Cashier/Stock 09/28/2006- 11/14/2006

    • Basic cash handling experience
    • Did product inventory and stocking
    • Provided excellent customer service

    AVON Honolulu, HI
    Independent Sales Representative 04/11/2007- 07/2008

    • Provide excellent personalized customer service
    • Handle customer invoicing and payments
    • Accounts for own bookkeeping
    • Marketed products through various venues of advertising

    Seven-Eleven Honolulu, HI
    Sales Associate 02/28/2008-07/29/2008

    • Basic cash handling and drawer count
    • END-OF-SHIFT cash report worksheet each shift
    • All around duties: food prep, maintenance, and stock
    • Provided excellent customer service
    • Ordering products in own assigned category

    Hawelit Inc. Hawaii Honolulu, HI
    Contracted Office Assistant 10/29/2008-11/04/2008

    • Finished project (duplication of company's technical library) within a timely manner
    • Created labels and duplicated 42 volumes of the said project
    • Use of binding machine and copy machine
    • Collated and bind each volume

    REFERENCES: Available upon request.
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    A couple of things that you need to change. Your objectives should be more detailed.

    When looking at this, it shows me that you cannot keep a job for too long. HR people look for folks that are going to be with them for the long haul. Be prepared to answer questions on why you left each job.

    Go into careerbuilder.com and they have a section with sample resumes and cover letters. Add more adjectives to your past positions.
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    If you have people who will be references yopu should list them with address and phone. Shows you are willing to let people speak about you no strings attached.

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    A couple of things that you need to change. Your objectives should be more detailed.

    When looking at this, it shows me that you cannot keep a job for too long. HR people look for folks that are going to be with them for the long haul. Be prepared to answer questions on why you left each job.
    Agreed 100%

    When I am Screening Potential Employees, their employment history is very important.

    The Last Thing I need is an employee deciding to leave in the middle of tax season, or at some other heavy season.

    Also, Don't leave out the very basic things that you may take for granted.

    I see that you listed yourself as being able to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint-

    But being able to actually type professionally is a completely different story.

    I have had applicants that could use the programs, but couldn't write properly, nor did they have a good handle on the english language.

    Are you Bilingual?

    Can you speak/read another Language?

    In the striving cultural society that we live in, this is an immense trait that a lot of people take for Granted.

    "An Employee that can speak two languages Counts for Two."

    Can you Multi task?

    But like I said, what Worries me most is your employment history...

    Just be prepared to answer any questions in reference to this.

    What is your age? Try and stress that you are looking for a career now, and not just a job.
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    I am now 20, I got my first paying job when I turned 18. I have an interview tomorrow at a law firm and need some pointers. I actually have more but they were like one day types during school so I opted out.
    -How do I stress that I'm looking for a career and not a job?
    -I'm not sure what my objective would be b/c i am applying for all sorts of jobs (I listed entry level b/c as you can see I don't have much experience.)
    -My employment history is quite choppy b/c I left companies (stores) with whom I did not agree with their work ethics
    -the stores that I have left, management were stealing and blaming the employees who they felt they could take advantage of such as those who could not speak English fluently and I felt disgusted. Everyday I went to work, the feeling was just eating me from the inside out. I felt that I shouldn't stay with a company and waste their time and mine when money is involved as others have said in the past. Isn't it better to just move on? That's the honest truth but i don't think i would be able to say this frankly in any interview. What's a better way of putting it?

    Well on a brighter note, my interview tomorrow is my first in a long time; I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I just can't believe that they wanted to do an interview after seeing my resume. The fact is, with all the layoffs here in Hawaii, there are far more qualified candidates than me.

    Thanks for your replies and please keep them coming! I am learning here and would like to thank you for taking your time to read this.
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