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    OK guys, I know how to use a scanner, for the most part, but not enough info...I'm planning on buying a Bearcat BC278CLT from someone on craigslist this week, but I can't find any information on the model besides generic product pictures and low-budget websites that have some specs on it. Just wanted to know, is this scanner digital or analog? And is it obsolete? The manual doesn't even say so, but I figure most of you guys know whats good and whats not. The guy bought it brand new, and decided its not the one he wanted. The specs say it runs on 800 mHz. I need one really bad but I can't exactly go up to $100 bucks for the 340. Thanks in advance for your help. If you need my area information to determine, I'm in zip code 17737. Just want to make sure I'm not buying a paperweight.
    07-27-12 10:54 AM
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    Depending on what you plan on monitoring, some agencies have trunking systems. If you don't have a scanner that can follow trunking systems, you will miss transmissions. Just something else to look at.
    07-27-12 11:34 AM
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    Right, I just contacted my local EMA to see if they would reply and tell me whether its trunked or not, but they usually don't. Hopefully something works out.
    07-27-12 12:26 PM
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    "Back in the day" when I was a kid, I had a scanner from Radio Shack. I could get all the different frequencies of the local agencies. It was better than TV... almost. They use to sell a book that had all the different channels of the major cities. Now you can probably do a web search to find the channels now. The bad side, criminals started using them to try to track police, so most of the specialized units have gone to encrypted radios to mask their transmissions which can save lives.
    07-27-12 12:46 PM
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    Yep, that I know about. It's pretty sad. My grandfather has one that still runs on crystal, but he lives in an area thats non-trunked so he hears everything.
    07-27-12 03:12 PM
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    I know nothing about that particular model of scanner but I did find this
    owners manual online. From all the online information Uniden discontinued
    that model quite a while ago. The printed manual is dated 1999
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    07-27-12 03:16 PM
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    Thanks for the info. I did some homework last night and found a BC15x on Amazon for $150, which is the second to best model out there now. Come Wed, I am gonna throw the extra money at it. At least I know it will work in my area. I want the BC996XT REALLY bad but cant afford $400+ to put on it. Maybe someday I will get it. I want that Unit ID feature (the one where the LED changes depending on who is talking at the moment).
    07-28-12 10:58 AM
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    Radioreference.com is your best reference for this. It's a treasure trove of scanner knowledge.
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    07-28-12 11:10 PM
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    Radioreference.com is your best reference for this. It's a treasure trove of scanner knowledge.
    I love that site. I currently scan my county through them as it picks up a repeater in my area. Can't wait for my 15x to get here. Thanks for your help everyone, if needed I will keep updated.
    08-02-12 03:38 PM
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    Have you tried the BBScanner app. It's only $0.99 in AppWorld, loaded with features
    and works really well.
    08-02-12 04:53 PM
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    I'll definitely have to check that out. It might come in handy when I can't take my 15x in the car.
    08-03-12 12:38 PM