04-11-11 08:03 AM
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    Same form factor, yep...majority of phones are...what is this crap about really? Oh yeah, don't feed the trolls, that's right...

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    04-11-11 02:43 AM
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    HTC and Samsung don't kid about their form factors. Their phones are meant to look the same, and they are only customized for different carriers. However, if you seriously think an Epic 4G and Captivate are the same or even similar form factor, then I dunno what to say.

    The Aria is a 3.2" device, the Evo is a 4.3" device.

    The thing about Blackberries that frustrate some people is that they have different devices all with the same form factor on the same carrier.

    Pearls, Bolds, Tours, and Curves are just as similar as an Aria to an Evo and typically have have 3 of them all on the same carrier. They all run basically the same software with largely the same capabilities. There are no perks to choose one over the other, for hte most part. In some cases the specs are largely the same as well (Curve 9330, Bold 9650 - just the Camera and Screen res is different enough for a consumer to think about).

    I think part of the reason why the storm (before people found out it was crap) and the Torch (it's decent) were raved about so much is because they are the only phones that don't look like everything else RIM puts out.

    Same for the style, but I throw up a little whenever I see a flip phone...
    My point isn't that the Android phones are more similar than Blackberry, Just showing that they are in a way similar just as BlackBerries are. Its not a bad thing to be similar. consumers like the phone so stick with it.
    9330 uses REV O and 9650 uses REV A.

    At least to my knowledge.
    04-11-11 08:03 AM
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