1. metalwraith's Avatar
    Got laid off from them back at the end of June and started with a new company first of July... But my friend sent me this link via email today...

    They shut their doors abruptly today and fired everyone....

    Tweeter shuts down, leaving workers without pay - Daily Business Update - The Boston Globe
    12-03-08 06:29 PM
  2. exelant's Avatar
    Looks like they did you a favor, eh?

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    12-03-08 07:56 PM
  3. metalwraith's Avatar
    Yep, they make no sense though. Supposedly they may re-open on Friday so that employees can gather their personal belongings and customers can pick up their merch they paid for. And try to sell off the rest of their products... LMAO I should try to get something cheap at one of the stores.

    But yeah I used to work in the distro center that closed down in June and I got all my money as I stayed still that place's last day.
    12-03-08 08:00 PM
  4. princess_porkchop's Avatar
    that's crazy!
    12-04-08 12:21 AM