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    It's for a comedian by the name of Bo Burnham. He's doing stuff for Comedy Central right now, and this kid is hilarious. I say kid because he's only 18. Anyway, back to the contest. We (the people in the contest) have to see how many page impressions we can get with a couple of banners and e-cards. That means however many e-cards and banners I post online and however many people load the pages their on, counts as my impressions. As of right now I have about 3600 impressions. 1st place has over 11k.

    I thought I'd give it a try here on CB.com and see if anyone would be kind enough to help me grab a few more impressions and more importantly get the word out about this comedian, Bo Burnham. So I'll leave the link to my blog, which is where his e-card is posted (first post), since I can't leave the html code for the actual e-card, here and if you guys like it, let me know. Thanks a bunch!

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    03-04-09 08:25 PM