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    ...talking about a zombie horror novel I was working on writing on my BlackBerry. Well, for the most part, it's finished. I'm currently revising it and serializing the second draft over on my website to see what people think of it and take suggestions and constructive criticisms on it.

    And yes, Kevin Michaluk makes an appearance, in his own special way, as he requested on the podcast lol.

    Anyway, I need more people to read it! Nobody's leaving me any con-crit, and I have no idea if that means it really sucks and I shouldn't quit my day job (not that I have any plans to do that - how would I afford my BlackBerry addiction otherwise?!) or what. So I figured since it's semi-CrackBerry related (as in, our glorious owner of the site is pretty much prevalent in a way throughout the novel), I'd post over here in the off topic forums and see if any of you guys are interested in following the story.

    So the story's available at The Becoming. So far, there's only a prologue and four chapters up, but I've got over 20,000 words that are ready to post and about 80,000+ to go that I'm still doing a second revision on. So there's plenty to keep you entertained if you're interested!

    And thank you so much for any help you can lend me, either through just reading or through any criticisms and suggestions you're willing to leave me!

    Jessica / @a_silent_song
    08-14-10 09:54 PM