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    Get ready, BlackBerry users, because your days are officially about to become less productive (or, at the very least, your mass transit commutes). You too, iPhone types -- not to say you didn't already have enough time-wasting apps cluttering that 8 to 16GB wasteland you call "storage" in your pocket -- because SlingPlayer Mobile is destined for both of these platforms.

    SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry exits beta, iPhone version submitted to App Store
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    03-27-09 02:26 AM
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    Phone choice is limited though. Not really lookin at dishing out the bucks yet on this.

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    03-27-09 11:39 PM
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    just gettingmy posts up the where i can send pm's
    03-27-09 11:58 PM
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    same here again
    03-27-09 11:59 PM
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    NCIS Spinoff Casts CSI Alumna, Two Others
    The ensemble for CBS' planned NCIS spinoff continues to flesh out. Not long after it was reported that Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J are circling two lead roles, three other characters have been cast.Louise Lombard, who played CSI's Sofia Curtis for three seasons, has landed what is considered the series' female lead: Clara, a former major in the military police turned investigator.The Hollywood Reporter also reports that Peter Cambor (Notes from the Underbelly) will play Nate, a quick-witted operational psychologist.Just as NCIS was born of a JAG episode, this latest offshoot will kick off as an episode of NCIS.
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    same here again
    for what?????
    04-01-09 04:08 AM
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    Getting posts up here to

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    did any one of you tried slingplayer on curve???
    04-01-09 08:06 AM