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    People love to tell me I'm behind the times because I don't have an iPhone. But my trusty Q10 and a little know-how taught an iPhone user something useful.

    My local bar has karaoke. The DJ has a site with all the songs in his library on it. On the cover of the songbook is a QR Barcode that links to the site.

    A girl I had seen in the bar before was looking through the book while holding an iPhone 6. I told her about the site and the QR code on the book cover.

    "How do you even use one of those?"

    Show I showed her Barcode Scanner (Built for Blackberry) and she was interested. So she went to the app store (which she couldn't find because her "friend" rearranged all her apps into folders) and had to load not one, but two different apps to even get a usable experience.

    BlackBerry users can complain about not having games or Instagram all they like, but as long as I can do useful things and demonstrate what useful should look like to anyone, I will keep my BlackBerry.

    When was a time when you BlackBerry and know-how gave someone a better impression of BlackBerry? Share!

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    04-07-15 10:04 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    All the times....

    Specially when iOS users are around. Since 8520 days, I have been able to do stuff faster than they do. Even thoug they have more apps, we get more $#1t done.
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    04-08-15 09:50 AM
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    My sister and had z10s and we both work at the same place, but different departments. I have an extra battery and she came and asked if she could use it because her phone was dead. So we switched batteries and she left. All the isheep were being wall huggers and looked at us like we were crazy and asked what we were doing. I explained to them that blackberry has a removal battery. They were very impressed and jealous

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    05-08-15 05:26 AM

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