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    Haven't seen a thread like this so I figured I'd start one...mods, feel free to merge with an existing one if you like...lol
    Show off your tats!!!-img_20140515_102811.jpg

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    05-15-14 09:30 AM
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    Show off your tats!!!-img_20140515_103230.jpg

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    05-15-14 09:33 AM
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    For a moment I is thinkin yous is scottish?

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    05-15-14 12:06 PM
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    The outline

    Show off your tats!!!-img_20131184_edit_edit_edit.jpg

    After shading

    Show off your tats!!!-img_20140515_234803.png

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    05-16-14 01:49 AM
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    Simple one

    Show off your tats!!!-img_20140516_015311_edit.jpg

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    05-16-14 01:54 AM

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