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    The acting manager went back to Ohio for thanksgiving obviously to be w/ family. So that leaves all up to the secretary and myself to get the work done. So yesterday, I unloaded 2 trucks and loaded up 2 trucks to save me some time and less hassle for today.

    The funny thing is, my normal boss got canned back in September along with 3 drivers. I'm wondering with the active manager being here til April if he's training us to either be manager or to split the position. Hmmm

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    11-24-08 04:40 AM
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    If the Company had a boss, then promoted someone as acting bosa, odds are they'll hire another boss. How long have you been there and why didn't you get canned, too? If it's because you do good work, then do the job help the acting boss do his and maybe you'll be in line to get the job when he leaves.

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    11-24-08 06:28 AM
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    My former boss and 3 drivers got canned was because someone "claimed he was taking kickbacks" to keep one of the drivers on local runs. The acting boss, works out of Ohio and his terminal he usually works out of is in Columbus.

    I've been here since July 9th, after I got laid off from my last job June 30th. So only a week downtime. But this job I have now is closer to home, as in 10min down the street from my home. And it pays more too.

    Plus as it is, when I come to work. I don't get involved in small talk with the drivers. I do my own work, and what needs to be done. And leave. So what's said in the office or in the warehouse doesn't even phase me. I just do my own thing. And I do bust my hump to get things done.

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    11-24-08 07:35 AM
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    As someone who does hiring, right or wrong, the hardest workers get promoted. I say right or wrong because sometimes a promotion isn't a good fit. Not everyone is cut out to supervise people - it can be challenging, lol. People always want to test the new guy, and you admit to wanting to work independently.

    I don't know you, it might not be something you even want because a manager has to deal with a certain amount of politics. If it isn't for you, being a team player and helping the new guy might be more what you want. The more help you give the new guy to be successful, the more he will remember and make things better for you.

    That you weren't let go means you were seen as an asset. That means your reputation in the company is good. Obviously you need to keep up what you're doing. Good luck, sounds like you're on the right track.

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    11-24-08 09:45 AM
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    Thanks man. Yeah, I bust my hump when I come in to deal with the freight. During our busy season and up until this week. I pretty much put in 45+hrs a week usually. Between coming in early mornings to unload freight. Then once our drivers are loaded up and on their merry way. I put stuff away and head home, and come back in early evening for the nightly loadout for the the night guy.

    I used to teach special needs students on computers. So if I can do that and do tech support. I probably could deal with people under me. As I've trained newbies before at past jobs.

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    11-24-08 09:54 AM