1. BeeRanDyn's Avatar
    This question is something that came to me in the last day or two, and while I believe it to be a good one, I understand that I am only one man with nowhere near the knowledge of many. So this is why I have come to these forums to ask --

    Within the next few months, if everything fell into place for the better of BlackBerry (ex. they weren't sold and picked apart), should they consider making a QNX based operating system for PC's and laptops?

    I think if they did it would open up more revenue for the company by giving consumers more options to experience what BlackBerry has to offer. BlackBerry is currently in the process of trying to bring their brand of mobile computing technology back to the mainstream, and while I believe abundant amounts of advertisement is absolutely necessary in order to get the word out, it would be even better if they had more products to offer to the public. Think about it -- Blackberry continues to solely manufacturer it's BB10 operating system and hardware, but licenses it's PC/laptop software to hardware company's like Microsoft does with their Windows OS. This would help to keep their mobile technology (especially hardware) one-of-a-kind, yet still allow consumers to get a taste of BlackBerry 10 through desktops and laptop PC's. I feel that the more products a company has to offer the more likely consumers are to research other products that a company also produces.This may persuade others to have both a BlackBerry 10 smartphone in their pocket, and a BlackBerry PC at home.

    I understand that there are a lot of variables one needs to consider for this to happen (ex. cost, time, etc...) but what do you guys think? Would extending BlackBerry into home PC's and laptops be a good strategy to help the brand develop a wider range of revenue?
    08-22-13 09:07 PM
  2. CarGuy1368's Avatar
    Right now I don't believe they have the resources. Everything has to be pushed into BB10 right now!

    However, maybe they could join the computer market like how Apple joined the smartphone market. As long as they make the QNX based computer operating system open ended, then I can imagine it getting traction.

    Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10
    08-22-13 10:48 PM
  3. ATMJOE's Avatar
    The future of mobile computing and future computers are going this route

    I think this is what BlackBerry is trying to do

    This idea would make tablets disappear eventually

    Posted via CB10. BlackBerry Z10
    08-22-13 10:56 PM
  4. hashtagwinning's Avatar
    instant bb10 laptop
    I think BB10 would make a pretty great desktop OS as it is now if only it had USB OTG and perhaps multiple user support .
    08-23-13 06:59 AM

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