1. shebmiller's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to share a song that my band and I wrote and recorded over the last "year".

    I say "year" because I first began writing the foundations of this song on my 9800 and recording acoustic reference tracks with my PlayBook back in late 2012. During this process, the Playbook served as a phenominal tool for recording live sessions and figuring out what worked and didn't work in the song. When I bought my Z10, most of the note taking and and rearanging was done on the Z10. We are still technically in post-production for this 5 song EP, but we wanted to share 1 track before we finalize the package.

    We are called Mile End Thieves and the track is called Tread Lightly. The subject deals with internet privacy and was inspired by an article and discussion I found on Reddit regarding Aaron Swartz around the time of his tragic death.

    Were are not full time musicians but we sure love to play, create and share. On that note, Enjoy and leave a comment if you feel.

    12-02-13 12:16 PM
  2. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    I like it!
    But, You say you did this all on your mobile devices? and post-production is like "pre" boarding.
    You're either IN production or not. You either board the plane or you don't!

    With that said.. While the mix is way off, I hear a hit.
    I owned and operated the first semi professional 24 track recording studio in the Santa Cruz ,CA Mountains which I opened way back in 1971.
    I'm 63 and retired now but I was on lead vocals and second lead guitar, Keyboards, alto sax, violin and electric flute.

    If I may.... The drums are drowning out everything ( but the drummer is good) and the guitars are drowning out everything else.
    I hear a great lead vocal sound (with less effects) and the background harmonies are killer! Bring the vocals way out front.
    You sound like major headbangers.
    Back off on the heavy rhythm guitar "one constant strumming" sound. Mix it up and give the lead guitar some room to move.
    I couldn't hear any base guitar at all and I could almost hear keyboards (I think)
    Now, in my day post- production meant being productively stoned with several girls or being stoned and watching Sesame Street or just being stoned and we'll get productive as soon as we're done eating everything in sight!
    Your "post" production may differ a bit but I can still dig where you're comin' from.

    When I was first coming up, all I was told was: " You wanna be a musician? Get a real job, then you can play all the music you want. My mother was my best teacher. Whatever she told me, I'd do the opposite!

    You know if you're good enough!
    Just remember... no matter what... Always follow your dreams because they do come true.
    12-02-13 01:34 PM
  3. shebmiller's Avatar
    Hey Lostboy5151,

    Thank for that.

    No the final product was not produced on a BB10 device, but if you know of a good multitracking tool for BB10, I'm all ears! The file uploaded to Soundcloud is not a final version. When I say were in post-production, I mean it in the same way you say production. I just say post because we're done the actual recording and tracking. We're currently bouncing mixes and fixing nuances. Thanks for all the feedback
    12-02-13 03:45 PM

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