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    heyy all..i have a plasma tv... heres the link to the tv...
    Insignia® - 42" 720p Flat-Panel Plasma HDTV - NS-PDP42

    now... im trying to set up surround sound. i got a sony STR DG-510 receiver, i don thave the manual for it, but i looked it up online. i have extra HDMI cables and optical output (fiber optic) cables. now... i cant get the 2 working together. ill attach a illustration of the back of the reciever...

    if anyone has any ideas let me know. thanks!
    05-10-08 12:54 AM
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    Would this be the BlackBerry 42" plasma TV?

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    05-10-08 03:16 AM
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    What are you using as your AV source? In other words, are you using the digital tuner on the TV to bring in your TV channels, do you have satellite or cable, are you using a DVD player, or all of the above?

    Assuming you are using the digital tuner on the TV, you would not need to feed the video signal to the amp. Therefore, I would just use the optical output on the TV and feed that to the "Sat In" input on the amp. The amp will then handle the chores of breaking up the audio to the correct channels. You could use the HDMI output on the back of the TV and feed that to the DVD HDMI input on the amp. You would just have to have your amp switched to DVD mode in order to hear the audio (and you would lose the capability of hooking up a DVD player later).

    If you have a Satellite system (such as DirecTV) or digital cable, you could feed the video directly from the satellite/cable receiver to the TV, most likely via component video. Audio would be fed to the amp, again using a fiber optic connection.

    The same holds true with a DVD player, feed the video diectly to the TV and the audio to the amp.

    Now, if you are using multiple video/audio sources and you don't want to have to switch inputs on the TV all the time, feed all of your video and audio to the receiver and then just feed a video signal to the TV via the component video outputs fom the back of the amp to the component video inputs on the TV. You cna also use the HDMI outpu on the back of the amp to the HDMI input on the TV.

    Although your amp can control multiple audio/video sources, your limited to two that can handle component video or HDMI (the Sat and DVD inputs). Al the other sources use coax which is pretty crappy.

    There are multiple ways of getting all your components talking to each other; this is just the way I would do it.
    05-10-08 10:29 AM
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    Thanks for the help, ill definatley try it out tonight and let you know how it goes.

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    05-10-08 11:13 AM
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    Okay so here's what I did...from the cable box to the reciever I used a fiber optic cable for the sound, and from the cable box to the tv with a hdmi cable. So that got my tv working with surroundsound. Now the dvd player...hooked the 3 video cords (reg blue and green) straight to the tv, and the audio to the video1 (yes video1 not dvd, because idk how to) input of the reviever. And I even did my wii for laughs, video to the tv and audio to the TV in... Now when I use my reciever I have to tune to video 2 for the tv (video 2 and sat are the only 2 options with optical output so I picked video 2), to watch my dvd player I have to tune to video 1 on my reciever, and for the wii I have to tune to tv.

    The live help from sony online wanted me to run the hdmi from the cable box to the reciever to the tv, which I did and it worked fine, and they wanted me to do the audio with the fiber optic cable like I have now. And to hook up the dvd they wanted me to run the dvd player with the red green blue cables into the dvd in in the reciever and out of the monitor out into the tv, and do the sound the same way I did. I cut all the extra cables out to save cables and room. Why would they want me to run it all through the reciever? What difference does it make??

    Now for the ultimate question...is there anyway to just tune one thing? Rather than tune my reciever then my tv both to dvd? Even the way they told me to do it I still had to tune both. I do have a nice universal remote which I may try to use, but still I'd rather just have one thing to tune.

    Now that I confused myself I probobly confused you too. Let me know what you think about this set up and if its good, or if the other way they told me is any better and why. Hopefully ill hear from yall soon. Thanks!

    P.s. This may not look long on the computer, but this is the longest I've ever typed on by berry!

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    05-11-08 01:29 AM
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    Just read your post more through and sony told me my reciever does not support audio in hdmi...so I would have to do audio seperate. Is there still a way to do it where I only have to tune the reciever?

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    05-11-08 01:33 AM