1. polytan02's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Today I want to talk about my experience to self host me.
    I'm fed up of Google and Co, so I decided to run my own server and run software to create my own cloud.

    It is based on :
    - VPS (virtual private server), in my case OVH as it is super cheap, eco-friendly and highly reliable
    - GNU/Linux Debian 7
    - Yunohost software

    It includes, all from a simple web interface, or via my BlackBerry :
    - emails (imap)
    - contacts managements with Baikal (carddav)
    - calendar management with Baikal (caldav)
    - files in the cloud (but my own cloud!) with owncloud
    - blogs (wordpress)
    - my own site
    - piwik for stats
    - others if you want !

    All you need to know to set it up is there : www.yunohost.org

    Everything runs flawlessly and nearly out of the box with limited knowledges required. But still a little.

    Now, the interesting bit fur us Crackberry users : integration with the BlackBerry !

    So, if I add my emails, contacts and calendars manually via the parameter interface of the phone, it works very well. It takes 3 steps (one for each protocol) and that's it.
    Yunohost is testing an ActiveSync plugin (called Z-Push) which works very well but one function is not implemented yet : sending calendar invitations. So I don't use activesync.
    It is a shame as otherwise it would be super super easy to set up accounts on the BlackBerry.
    This being said, as you only need to do it once and that you are most unlikely to do it for hundreds of users, it is not such a big issue. It would add convenience thought.

    For the files, I use the BlackBerry app called Playcloud. It is a paid ap, but it works very well. It only misses automatic sync.

    The entire yunohost interface is designed to adapt to your screen so you can do everything from your mobile. No need to use ssh or command line. This means that the native web browser does the rest.

    I'm really pleased of this installation and I wanted to share my happyness

    This entire post has been written from my great Passport :d

    If you have any question, or if you would be tempted to set up a similar system, just let me know and discuss it below!

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    01-28-15 09:22 AM
  2. polytan02's Avatar
    No self hosting maniac on CB then

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    01-30-15 07:54 AM
  3. Jakeo7's Avatar
    Can you tell me how you configured Playcloud to work with owncloud? I do not see that option there. It probably right in front of my face.

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    02-03-15 10:03 PM
  4. Prem WatsApp's Avatar
    I'm currently investigating Zentyal Server (Linux), to replace all Microsoft stuff...


    Community Edition:


    Thanks for the tip with yunohost! :-D

      Telstra + Classic, Optus + PP, AT&T + PP , Verizon + Classic... why the mix, Mr. Fix?  
    02-05-15 11:59 PM
  5. Thirsty's Avatar
    I am using Horde (sync email, contact, notes, calender, tasks via AES ActiveSync), Owncloud and StrongSwan.
    Too bad Playcloud doesn't support auto sync yet

    Alternative for Horde can be Sogo.
    02-12-15 03:27 PM
  6. johnnyuk's Avatar
    Can you tell me how you configured Playcloud to work with owncloud? I do not see that option there. It probably right in front of my face.

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    It would be a WebDAV account I would think.

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    02-12-15 03:40 PM
  7. polytan02's Avatar
    Yes, I use webdav and it works very well.

    First, go to your owncloud and in the files section there should be a little wheel. Click on it and a webdav link will appear.

    Then, in Playcloud, all you have to do is register this link, enter your login and password.

    It does work very well I have to admit.

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    04-16-15 03:17 PM
  8. vrud's Avatar
    Playcloud is great but slows down significantly on folders with large number of files.
    Owncloud device application handles large folders more efficiently but likely supports their servers only and not generic Webdav.

    For automatic photos and videos sync I use camdav. It takes the burden of media files transfer.

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    04-18-15 07:02 AM
  9. FerociousCB's Avatar
    polytan02 sent you a PM. For some reason getting forum message I can't post links but non attached.

    06-11-15 10:21 AM
  10. polytan02's Avatar
    Just to give a quick update on this, Yunohost is really good

    Finally I have installed z-push, as some super cool people have supported the dev of a key feature (at least for me) : sending and replying to calendar invitates.

    With z-push, which is an ActiveSync layer between my server imap+carddav+caldav and my Blackberry phone, I can configure it very quickly, without messing around with imap and dav parameters ! Plus I get push notifications, which is great.
    08-13-15 09:26 AM
  11. BCITMike's Avatar
    Use Zoho mail if you don't want cost and hassle of running email server with anti-spam, etc.

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    08-13-15 04:37 PM

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