1. CrazyKenyan's Avatar
    Check this link out, its the best news I have heard in months

    Samsung will reportedly sue Apple over LTE use on iPhone 5 | Apple - CNET News

    I used use an iPhone and have since moved to a BB 9790, my biggest issue with Apple, iSheepers seem to have this elitiest attitude as of being Gods. Its become a clique thing at schools where if you don't have an iSomething you can't hang out. So frustrating
    09-11-12 10:34 AM
  2. dbmalloy's Avatar
    Actually.. hang around the various BB forums or any other from that matter you will find many with the mentality of ellitist attitude..... As with all who use a smartphone most only care how much they lke it.... It is the elities in all platforms who do most of the jawjacking and make the impression that their platform is superiror....

    As for how a lawsuit factors into the OP point of view is lost on me. If any company cannot compete and needs to use the legal avenue to further their business says a lot. A lot of companies besides Apple are in the patent lawsuit business simply to make money. As much as Apple has a history of litigation... I think the curent round of patent silliness has more with a road Steve Jobs sent Apple down.... Steve Jobs had famously said he would spend every dollar Apple had to prove google stole ideas and technology from Apple. Would not be surprised it next eaur you see Apple sue Google for Android... especially if they continue to grow.
    09-11-12 11:04 AM