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    This may be a completely selfish, inappropriate thing to post here but I am so fond of this community and the optimism and faith we show in BlackBerry as a company, I somehow keep hoping will apply to me and a real crappy situation.

    A friend convinced me to start a fundraiser for this, and I've been sharing it all over the place; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, BBM, Pinterest, and now CrackBerry. Part of me feels kind of nauseous doing it, because I feel like more people are going to be crude or degrading about it than kind, but I suppose that's the cost of putting yourself out there. If it works, then its worth it, even if everyone thinks of me as something that I'm not.

    I'm asking the community share this on their social networking and kind of, maybe boost the signal a little bit for me. I don't have many friends, so I'm looking to a community I've been part of for a while out of respect and admiration. I hope it's mutual.

    "1.8% of my goal! Please RT. Help me fund my first home! Roof Overhead Project on @indiegogo http://t.co/OgYjlbL6"

    My Twitter is @msrenaz. My Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/szotz. I'm being as open about who I am and honest about what's going on as I can be.

    The least anyone can do is share this with their friends.



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    02-18-13 04:13 PM

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