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    If RIM were to get taken over, I would much prefer if webOS went on it. Screw android, ios or WinPho7. Web Os is SLEPT ON.
    Yeah webOS isn't bad at all. It just needs developer support and better hardware. I mean those pre devices are just hideous. Let HTC make a webOS device and I bet it would sell good. But since palm/HP is both hardware and software they only depend on themselves for both. It's hard making good software and hardware.
    as i said many times before, i'd like to keep having RIMs hardware + RIMs OS
    i love my blackberry <3

    but as i said before, if they should ever have to merge with someone, or if someone were to buy them, I'd like that someone to be microsoft
    even tho i think OS 7 is gonna be pretty awesome, and QNX phones?? sweet !

    but i believe that RIM hardware + a mix of RIMs OS + windows 7 would be quite awesome as well
    i always thought that webOS just sucks, then again.. to be honest, i really know nothing about webOS, i just didnt understand what pple find so great about it, all i know is that their devices truly look like ****, cmon.. they're so ugly, i could never touch one
    but yesterday i looked at some features of webOS, because i wanted to understand whats so great about it, and i have to say.. it got some pretty nice features

    RIM+microsoft+webOS could be fun, but something like that will never happen, there'd be chaos all over, but it should be lots of fun : P
    just imagine, the best of RIM, best of windows, best of webOS, mmhhh..

    what i truly never want to see is a blackberry with android.... seriously, that'd be horrible, but something like that will never happen, thankfully

    but for me, someone who actually likes RIMs OS, i'd like them not to be bought by anyone
    it goes like this:
    RIM/BlackBerry > Windows > webOS > iOS/Android

    btw i actually kinda like apple, i mean... stuff like itunes, its great
    when they gave us the ipod? awesome ! their imacs, laptops, Mac OS X.. really great

    but since they released their iphone i just hate them more and more, i really cant stand the iphone, apple is such a copycat company, its annoying
    so... **** you apple/google
    just had to say, thats actually everything i wanted to say
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    "btw i actually kinda like apple, i mean... stuff like itunes" I might be wrong, but wont the Bold 9900/9930 have a pre-installed itunes? if you read thru the specs, it shows "itunes" I have a Sprint Curve 8330, and my favorite feature is the media player (i had to upgrade the 1GB to 4GB miscroSDHC card) and the WunderRadio app and tunein apps...they sound crystal clear on the old warhorse Curve 8330...I can imagine how they'll sound on the Sprint Bold 9930 switched to wifi
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