1. jdoc77's Avatar
    Pics and video or it didn't happen.
    01-29-09 10:33 PM
  2. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    Heh, how come nobody has said "Pics or it didn't happen"?
    01-29-09 10:34 PM
  3. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    01-29-09 10:35 PM
  4. blackberry99bmw's Avatar
    I will not share anything personal such as that on a public forum such as this? Thats just stupid.
    01-29-09 10:35 PM
  5. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    Show us what ya see bro, you so hard, we don't need to see ya, prove it man. You talk the talk, now show us what's up. My buddy RealEstatePro here has you beat by a friggin mile anyway...
    01-29-09 10:38 PM
  6. blackberry99bmw's Avatar
    please refer to my post in the 'PEOPLE who should be banned from cb forum' for an explanation.
    And like i said, i have nothing to prove to a bunch of cyber-nerds. You wanna see me? Your not gonna see anything here. Im not paultry enough to post private things in a public forum.
    01-29-09 10:42 PM
  7. skullgame45's Avatar
    Haha, R.E.P is a PIMP!!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    01-29-09 10:43 PM
  8. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    Exactly, children should be seen and not heard. If you would like i would be happy to shread every bit of dignity you have left for everyone. Naw, you ain't even on my level...
    01-29-09 10:45 PM
  9. blackberry99bmw's Avatar
    im pretty much an adult thankyou.
    And your not an authourity figure so i suggest you back off.
    01-29-09 10:53 PM
  10. jdoc77's Avatar
    Heh, how come nobody has said "Pics or it didn't happen"?
    lol.. I posted that 60 seconds before you did!

    Yea, give us pics of the Resort, or at least just TELL us what resort it is... but seriously, pics and video or it didn't happen. Your blah blah blah is just that...

    We require proof.
    01-29-09 10:55 PM
  11. blackberry99bmw's Avatar
    fine its the hyatt =]
    thats all you get.
    01-29-09 10:57 PM
  12. jdoc77's Avatar
    What beach...
    01-29-09 11:00 PM
  13. blackberry99bmw's Avatar
    01-29-09 11:02 PM
  14. benzworm's Avatar
    google makes everyone omniscient
    01-29-09 11:02 PM
  15. xxxxpradaxxxx's Avatar
    fine its the hyatt =]
    The Hyatt?

    That's like the most generic hotel known to man.

    There's a Hyatt every where.

    It's the McDonald's of the Hotel World.

    Not Impressed.

    "Go Get Yourself Some Wealthy!"

    01-29-09 11:09 PM
  16. benzworm's Avatar
    "i got your wealty"

    as britney would say it
    01-29-09 11:11 PM
  17. jdoc77's Avatar
    What part of Waikiki. Give me a pier number?
    01-29-09 11:12 PM
  18. josh.perry's Avatar
    its called wifi and an awesome laptop baby! routine:
    1- go to beach
    2- sit in cabana
    3- go swimming
    4- crackberry :]
    5- more swimming
    6- clubbinn
    Wow...you are so full of crap that it's not even funny. I didn't ask how you are doing this...I asked why? Why in God's good name would you bother if you really were in Hawaii?

    Oh because you aren't.

    Oh, and by the way, don't think you have anything to prove to me because I won't believe a damned thing that you say.

    Alright, I am done with you.

    To quote Richard Nixon... "Don't get the impression that you arouse my anger. You see, one can only be angry with those he respects."
    Last edited by josh.perry; 01-30-09 at 06:51 PM.
    01-29-09 11:12 PM
  19. blackberry99bmw's Avatar
    im done with people in this forum.
    i dont have to prove a lifestyle.
    i am sick of fighting with people.
    im a calling a freakin truce. even if you don't believe me.
    i promise.
    01-29-09 11:14 PM
  20. benzworm's Avatar
    bye youngin'!
    01-29-09 11:17 PM
  21. jdoc77's Avatar
    Quarter: given.
    01-29-09 11:17 PM
  22. xxxxpradaxxxx's Avatar
    im done with people in this forum.
    im a calling a freakin truce. even if you don't believe me.
    i promise.
    Define "truce".

    If your done, here- then why would you need a "truce" ?
    01-29-09 11:17 PM
  23. blackberry99bmw's Avatar
    i didnt say i was leaving the forum, i just said im not going to argue or fight anymore.
    01-29-09 11:17 PM
  24. blackberry99bmw's Avatar
    a promise to no longer treat people un-equal.
    at least thats how i used it for this post. i am aware this is not the correct definition. give me some credit/
    01-29-09 11:19 PM
  25. benzworm's Avatar
    so you admit to treating people without respect?
    01-29-09 11:20 PM
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