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    hey guys, can you believe its been 13 years since 9/11??
    I was a senior in HS, walked into class, and my teacher had the TV on, and we basically watched the news all class period. he has a brother that worked at the WTC, and next day we found out, he was ok.. he was on the lower level of the WTC, and a lot of people were getting evacuated QUICK!

    What were you doing 9/11/01? share your story....

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    09-11-14 08:46 AM
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    Mods. Don't want to step on anyones feet here, but you can probably merge this thread with the one I started earlier in the week "remembering 9/11" quite some stories there already.

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    09-11-14 08:49 AM
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    09-11-14 12:12 PM

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