1. Alex Beck's Avatar
    upscale rehab facility somewhere in England?
    03-05-09 11:13 AM
  2. bholloway's Avatar
    Do you have a link?
    03-05-09 03:56 PM
  3. thegoodDr.'s Avatar
    Why would anyone wants to go to rehab..

    Like mama use to say ..

    rehab is for quiters...
    03-05-09 04:01 PM
  4. Alex Beck's Avatar
    sorry -- I saw an advert for the place on youtube. I searched crackberry rehab and there it was. The system won't let me post the link because I'm new.
    03-05-09 04:51 PM
  5. ginya-san's Avatar
    I found something about an option in the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago but that's it. It wouldn't surprise me though some business people have everything on their bb.
    03-10-09 10:30 PM
  6. BBTelus8330's Avatar
    you mean this:
    03-13-09 11:50 PM
  7. bx2md's Avatar
    even if it were real why would you want to go ....
    in the words of amy winehouse ....no,,no,,no,,no
    03-14-09 07:37 AM
  8. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    10,000 berries, that's funny! They'll never take me alive.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    03-14-09 11:49 AM
  9. ndnoutlaw's Avatar
    rehab is for crackheads.....guilty as charged....BB crackhead anyway.
    03-14-09 04:27 PM