1. Ross Brown's Avatar
    Looking for a free Torch app locker than can lock BBM, tried looking on Google and the store but can't find anything.
    05-19-13 02:05 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Free app: BlackBerry World - App Lock Free - Password Protect Unauthorised Access - Lock BBM - Lock FaceBook - Lock Apps - Lock Media - Lock Pictures - Lock Videos - Lock Messages Mails SMS
    This is the free version of AppLock. Now Password protect specific applications and files on your BlackBerry without locking the entire device!
    Paid app (and IMO the absolute best): BlackBerry World - PatternLock
    Features: - Many autolock options such as startup and device inactivity
    Lock individual applications, call screen or the entire device

    Disable autolock when in predefined locations Backup/Restore options to encrypted file
    Custom background image, and tons of customization options
    Theme-able lock screen using PatternLock .pltheme/.plthemehd files
    Show notifications on the lock screen - Emergency call support
    Assign to hardware lock key
    Show weather info from BerryWeather (BeWeather) 2.2+
    Lock out the device if the incorrect pattern is entered a maximum times.
    The funnest, most customizable way to lock your touchscreen BlackBerry!
    05-19-13 03:12 PM

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