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    Standard Posting Rules apply to the Rehab & Off-Topic Lounge. If you have not read these rules, please do so before posting.
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    We want the CrackBerry.com forums to be a useful tool. That means in the Help, Discussion and Community forums staying on topic and to the point. But we know that people occasionally have topics on the brain and things to say that are related to something other than their favorite smartphone. For that purpose, we have an Off-Topic forum.

    This is the part of the site where CrackBerry.com members can go off-topic and discuss whatever they fancy - politics, sports, blackberrys (even in an off-topic forum real CrackBerrys still want to talk blackberry), celebrity gossip, or the weather. Keep in mind all threads must remain productive and on-topic to the original thread post.

    Because this forum is off-topic, it may become easy to forget the Posting Rules, but you must remember they still apply here. Some of the key points to remember when posting in this forum:

    1. Keep the Language Clean

    2. Keep the Thread Content Appropriate for a Public Forum. Remember that there are CrackBerrys of All Ages, and any of of them may be reading this. Any threads or posts that may be interpreted as Offensive, Inappropriate or Unproductive will be Closed and/or Deleted. Use your head before posting.

    3. Respect other Members. Personal attacks or offensive remarks of any kind will not be tolerated.

    4. SPAM of Any Kind will result in being banned.

    5. Don't Exist Only in the Off Topic Forum. This forum is for CrackBerry.com forum members to go off topic in, not to live in. Valued CrackBerry.com members contribute to all forums as much possible (especially when help is needed and you have the answer).

    If you ever come across a thread or post that you feel is inappropriate, please report it to one of the site's Moderators immediately.

    Moderators have the right to edit/close/delete any Off Topic thread they deem has become unproductive or is not appropriate for CrackBerry.com. Decisions made by the moderators are final.
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