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    I was thinking about going back into the IT field (as a friend of mine has done) but am not sure. My question is do most employers care about this A+ & other certifications? I do not have one, but do have a IT degree. I do not exactly wish to go out and pay for certifications, if its not necessary. I hear different opinions on the certification, so why I will be sure to get a wide variety of opinions here. If an employer pays for any certifications that would be one thing (and there are those that will). Everyone is going to respond from their own opinion and experience so why its good to ask this here.

    Besides the IT degree I had worked in tech sales for a good five years, which obviously involved more talking with people, and selling skills, But the IT background sure did help when it came to knowledge of software and hardware. Most of my experience involving the degree was in my own computer consulting practice of which I made good money to fix peoples software and hardware issues. However more than 90% of the problems people had were with the software.


    10-16-10 05:28 AM