1. Mikey Gardner's Avatar
    So I was on YouTube when on a video an ad started playing for QNX saying how it's in most of the cars today and they were demonstrating how the call stays clear even with wind interference and loud noises, it was pretty cool just to see the add as I've never seen and ad other than what came with my Z10 and the talk around the forums.

    Posted on my Z10
    03-12-13 11:48 AM
  2. QuantumQnx's Avatar
    Can you post the link?
    03-12-13 12:01 PM
  3. thurask's Avatar
    The clear call bit makes sense. Ever try listening to someone on an iPhone + Ford SYNC? Eugh...
    03-12-13 12:09 PM
  4. Mikey Gardner's Avatar
    Lol yeah i know ow, and it didn't come up with a link but ill search it and post it up

    EDIT- This is the link to the mobile site

    Posted on my Z10
    QuantumQnx likes this.
    03-12-13 12:14 PM

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