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    In the early 80s I bought my first synth, an SH-101 and just before I moved to Canada in '87 I sold it, probably one of the most disappointing decisions in my musical life; such pure, rich sounds and oh, those bass notes!

    Recently I've been researching on replacing it but the originals are stupidly overpriced but Behringer makes what looks like a pretty good facsimile (all the goodies plus a few extra tools for DAW use) and I'm just wondering if any of you have experience with Behringer keyboards (hopefully the MS-1) and whether they're any good from a QC and warranty perspective. The MS-1 ticks all the right boxes and the reviews have been extremely positive but as the SH-101's build quality was at times suspect, I'd rather hear from musos who have had real world experience (I've used some outboard Behringer equipment before and have been pleased).

    I know there are other sites/boards where this may be a more appropriate question but I'm a long time CrackBerry member and would appreciate any input you may have.
    01-28-21 07:52 AM
  2. A Noise Annoys's Avatar
    Pushed go and should have it by Tuesday

    Q for Analogue Keyboard Nerds-blank_2_66_12.png
    01-30-21 08:34 AM

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