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    Ok very off topic...but I can make this work.

    My youngest son is 11 yrs old and is currently playing RB and #2 QB on a rookie football team for county athletics league. I am 1 of 4 assistant coaches and responsible for the Defense. We run a 5-3 Defense with one safety.

    Going into today we had a record of 1-4 and tied for the last playoff spot in a 2 division league where the top 4 teams from each division makes the playoffs. Today we had to win 2 games to get in. These games start at the 10 yard line allowing for only 4 downs to score. Both teams have an opportunity to score (sudden death NCAA style) If the score is tied after both teams have a chance on offense...coin toss and we start over.

    The first game was against the Packers, the team that we lost to in wk 1. we played for like 30 minutes. Eventually we won. The second game was against the Hawkeyes, the team we beat last week (awesome game) and we won that one in about 15 minutes.

    So the team is going to the playoffs with a 3-4 record!!!! How crazy, sweet cool is that!!!!

    Oh the tie in....if I could sell or trade the Pink Pearl that I have listed in Market Place for a Curve I would have a camera on my phone so that I could have taken picture of the team celebrating!!!

    Anyone interested in a Pearl??!!!
    10-09-08 11:44 PM
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    Maybe this could be a talk about our children in sports page? My 12 year old daughter plays in a competitive soccer league in Denver, the Colorado Rush. One of their alumni plays on the world number one U.S. National Womens team. Anyway, her team is undefeated this year, including all tournament play. My girl was voted team MVP. Two girls split goalie duties during games in this league and my daughter has not let a single goal past her this season. Last year, opposing teams only scored 2 goals against her and one was a penalty kick. WooHoo!!

    Now how about your kid? keep the stories going, eh?
    10-10-08 11:12 AM
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    i thought the pearls had cameras?
    10-12-08 11:35 AM