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    Despite the looks, the following lines have no root on personal rage against company policy. Well... a little.

    Let's see: quite a bunch of us were supportive of RIM/BlackBerry during the development process of BB10. I was - and know some people in the same situation - determined to buy a Z10 for myself as soon as my carrier started to sell it. But, as it turns out, the promise to honor those markets who supported the company along the way has become sour.

    BlackBerry Brazil held not one, but two launch events for the Z10. First one took place in So Paulo some six weeks or eight weeks ago with strong speculation (though no hard word on that from Mr. Stricker) of a more competitive price than sodomite range Apple/Samsung are practicing right now. Granted, Apple overcharges everywhere, but I guess that's to be expected when consumers behave just irrationally with their products as they do with fashion brands. The competitive price expectation was not unreasonable, since they have been telling everyone about efforts to gain market back. But, guess what, the second launch event, this week, announced immediate sales. For the same R$2500 (roughly 1200 US Dollars) Apple charges for the iPhone 5. A local tech news outlet managed to ask one representative why is that so. The answer seemed to be a cynical "it's a top device, so we priced it along with other top devices".

    As a comparison, buying from an US outlet such as Amazon and paying the inmensely steep individual import duties of 60% brazilian gov't shoves us up, the same device would cost about US$300 less than from my carrier. Sure, one can always sign up for a contract and get a nice discount, but data plans are often steep and people using business contracts often don't have that choice.

    Meanwhile, br.blackberry.com has the exact same appearance it had on February, with a "coming soon" and somewhat obscure page on the Z10. Main page features the new BBM for BBOS 7. Seems that gaining back market and honouring the support they had from users is a bust. Now to decide between importing a Z10 independently or moving on to another platform. And that, gentlemen, is sad. I have seen many people awaiting for the Z10 and pretty much everyone among them is outraged with BlackBerry Brazil's move. I, myself, hung on to a shattered-screened iPhone 4 for three months, feeling like it was a waste of money spending half the handset's value to fix it up as I'd move to BB10 soon enough. But at a laptop's price tag, I won't. Not because I cannot, but because I know the value of my money, unlike those price-inflators techfashion zealots. This is no rant, but rather a legitimate complaint from someone who, ironically, supported the #BB10Believe campaign. Again, this is sad.
    05-09-13 12:19 PM
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    Your post should pose as a "how-to voice my displeasure with fact and without ignorance"... for all others to imitate in similar situations.

    I hope whatever is keeping the bb10 devices out of brazilians hands is rectified soon.

    Have you contacted BlackBerry Brazil?

    Posted via CB10
    05-09-13 12:33 PM
  3. fs9's Avatar
    Much alike Blackberry US, there is virtually no contact channel. No, I stand corrected: there is, indeed, NO contact channel at all. Traditionally, they sell handsets for businesses, with a brief and shy attempt at the young market a few years ago. Hence, there seems to be no intention to change that, up to this point.

    Let's see if low sales will suffice as a response to them.
    05-09-13 12:44 PM

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