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    I assume this is good for being "OFF TOPIC", though I just sincerely hope trolls and troublemakers, as well as any negatives can be removed from this thread. Though this is not a "PRIVACY GOOD! SHARE IS BAD!" thread, I think this should be a thread where people who value any little bit of privacy controls and concerns can gather and talk to each other, about managing their privacy online.

    Futile it may seem, and unnecessary it may be, some people take these kind of things into heart.

    This discussion takes inspiration from this thread:


    I haven't even thought of the rules for this thread (i'm sure we can agree to some mechanisms of maintenance here, though)

    Please share your resources too!
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    10-17-13 10:01 AM
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    Getting started:

    If you don't know much about "Online privacy", one of the best places to start is via wikipedia. I'll provide this link

    Internet privacy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Now that you have a picture of Internet privacy, the first things first that you wanna probably look upon are stuffs such as "How do I wanna know if I'm okay with being tracked?"

    Answer: Its not a simple, 1-2-3 step solution. There's a lot to be done. To get started though, first look at some of the services that you use. The best way to look at them is to look at their "Terms of Services". But let's admit it, 99.9999% of the time, when something wants to be installed, its the EULA / TOS that gets ignored. All the reason because we just don't want to bother reading something so darn long. So when we click "I have read and understand the xxxyyzzz", its probably a lie. That includes the time when you set up your BlackBerry devices, or your Android devices.
    Here's a place to get started.

    Terms of Service; Didn't Read Terms of Service; Didnt' read. Its a good website with a good community project that reads and summarizes the important aspects of ToS that users normally wouldn't bother. But if you want to bother, this place is a good place to heads up with. Give it a try.
    10-17-13 10:26 AM
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    Great thread. Lets see what people have to say

    10-22-13 03:18 PM
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    On any issue, it's always about striking the balance. With internet, it's a case of technology ahead of users. There's a false sense of security when we mostly uses internet in the safety of our own home. We are in fact allowing providers, browsers, apps developers into our life without giving a second thought. Many times we give permissions to these alien entities into our most private lives without knowing. This is not about if someone is doing anything wrong or carrying out illegal activity. There's something to be said about guarding one privacy as oppose to being use as a commodity for corporations trading our information among themselves for profit. The bottom line is the control should be at the end users with a clear warning before they hit the agree button or just unknowingly accepting the precondition of exposing our privacy to the developers in order to use their apps.
    10-22-13 03:39 PM

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