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    I am looking for those addicted to their berries and poker as much as I am. I say this as I am typing this on my pearl and watching the WPT, (world poker tour).
    Use this forum to vent about your bad beat or brag about the monster pots you won with the nuts or a pure bluff. Ask questions or give advice so we all can improve our game.
    I live in CT right near the casinos. I am always playing in tournaments or on the low stakes tables. I also play in a home game every Saturday night. We are always looking for other games to join, or others to join our game. Send me a private meassage if you want to know more details.
    Until next time, as MIke Sexton always says @ the end of every WPT, "may all your cards be live, and your pots be monsters"

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    06-09-08 08:44 PM
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    I am not "addicted" to either, but I do like them both a lot.
    I watch the WPT all the time. Daniel Negreanu and Sam Farha are my favorites.

    I live in CT also and played at Foxwoods a couple months ago (won $6200.00) but I don't think I'm ready for primetime. It's just really hard to lose to someone that goes all in with 10, 6 off suit while holding two aces, especially when the flop has the other two.
    06-09-08 10:54 PM
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    I know what you mean. My buddy called a $600 raise pre-flop with suited connectors and wound up chasing his straight to the river. I was leading out the entire time and making my bets higher and higher with each card. I guess there is nothing you can do when someone plays on a gut feeling or plays just plain stupid.
    Good call on the Daniel and Sammy comment. Daniel is my all time favorite player but Sammy is a very close 2nd.
    How close to the casinos do you live. I
    am about 20 from either. 15 if there is no traffic.

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    06-10-08 01:03 PM