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    Hi CrackBerry Nation, I'm in a BBM contest and would appreciate it if you could vote for me. After clicking the link, pls click on my picture (the one with a BBM logo in it) and click vote. If you'd like to watch the video, click on the screenshot and a video will appear (depending on your browser). I'm behind by about 300 votes so your vote is much appreciated. Thanks!
    BBM™ Challenge Council

    PS In the video I pitched that DLNA be supported on the PlayBook, which would be great for gaming on the PlayBook.

    PPS Everyone is allowed to vote once per day for the next 3 days! I'm currently 600 votes behind 1st place.
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    11-28-11 09:41 PM
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    Hey Michael,

    I just saw your video and all the other videos within your challenge group.

    Let's just say I voted for you not because you posted on this forum but because I really like your idea. I genuinely think your idea is actually not too farfetched and can be achievable by a couple of guys who put their minds to it. I mean I am pretty sure you actually know what you are talking about and actually know how to get there.

    It seems to me all the tools are available and this idea just needs someone to spend the time and effort to fuel this project. Besides that, I can see this as one of the more plausible selling points RIM can use to advertise their products (mainly for the Playbook. Putting the "Play" back in Playbook hahaha...okay bad joke).

    Anyway, I know Apple has something similar but I think you are getting somewhere with this being much more cost effective. It is an inevitable step that RIM will take seeing as how they heavily advertised their Playbook as a competent gaming platform. Having it to perform multi-playable tasks is a no brainer, well at least to me it is.

    I have also seen your Playbook Moon Landing project so I know you have a proven record to engineer some amazing things.

    Good luck, hope you go far.
    11-29-11 12:31 AM
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    Thank you for your support. I have to credit Chris Umiastowski, because I read his article about DLNA here on CrackBerry.

    Thanks for all the votes from CrackBerry. I'm in 4th place right now, but behind 1st place by about 600 votes. Everyone is allowed to vote once a day for the next 3 days. Thanks!
    11-29-11 02:29 PM