1. locciola17's Avatar
    anyone else dealing with this?
    i am in physical therapy right now trying to get this better.
    and worst of all...i am training for a 5k and cant run right now...had to stop last tuesday and havent ran since and who knows when i can start again..until then i am swimming again.

    any suggestions or tips that helped you??

    07-11-08 09:46 PM
  2. dwise's Avatar
    As a high school teacher, this condition has been a real problem. I keep a frozen water bottle in the freezer and roll my foot over it. I also do a lot of stretching during the day. As a last resort, I go to a podiatrist and get a cortisone shot ... it works pretty quickly. I got custom orthotics at the podiatrist and they do not help at all. Shoes that pull the back of your feet down like earth shoes or spring boost have helped me the most. I get them at footsmart.com.

    Good luck with training for and running your marathon!!!
    07-11-08 10:16 PM
  3. locciola17's Avatar
    i love the water bottle idea! definitely gonna try that out!

    i went to my family doctor at first and she mentioned getting inserts for my shoes but i have invested yet. my PT hasnt said a thing about inserts. as far are shoes are concerned...i dont think he likes it when i wear heels! working on that...

    i'll have to check out footsmart.com. seems pretty good too! i would prefer my heat therapy and tissue massage from the PT versus getting a shot...ew!

    where is most of your pain? on the bottom of your foot? most of my is on the side of my ankle and the back of my ankle leading up to my achillies tendon...
    07-11-08 10:24 PM