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    Have you noticed the bright object in the eastern sky just before sunrise? Thats Venus. It was the brightest on Monday morning, but it will be also be visible in the morning sky through early June 2016.

    Venus, the 'morning star,' will shine at its brightest Monday morning - 7NEWS Denver TheDenverChannel.com

    BTW, if you're looking for a great free astronomy app. I've downloaded SkyView and I'm loving it. The app can be found on Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

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    09-21-15 07:27 AM
  2. Prem WatsApp's Avatar
    We've seen Venus throwing a reflection on the ocean a few years ago, first time I saw a planet - not the moon or sun - reflect on the waves... early early morning, before sunrise... :-)

      Leakers' gonna leak... :-)  
    09-23-15 04:08 PM
  3. kastortroy's Avatar
    I have been reading an article concerning the orange planet recently. Theres an article I read about a planet x system that was to arrive within our solar system either this year or next. year. Supposedly, this was predicted since 2011, and causing massive destruction if it does a flyby near Earth. Also, in youtube theres this couple in comox, vancover island , Canada they recorded the sun n orange planet(?) during a sunset. It shows the orange planet setting like the sun, and it also casted a shadwow in the water, thata how bright it was. Heres the link to the planet x system and that video on youtube.


    Anyone else want to shade some light as well?

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    09-24-15 04:30 PM
  4. jbfair728's Avatar
    Lunar eclipse, planet X, orange planet; the aliens are coming!

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    09-24-15 06:35 PM

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