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    I've always wondered this. When me and my friends all had Sony Ericssons, everyone was fine and dandy. When certain smart phones came out and we all started to get jobs, we were able to afford big contracts. Even so, a few stuck with Sony Ericsson when they turned to Android, a few went with BlackBerry including me, a couple went with Samsung and Android, and another few went with HTC and Android. The ones that went to the Windows Mobile OS and the iPhone line, they became utter tw*ts, going on about how their phone can do this, their phone looks better, it supports SRS effects, blah blah blah etc. You know what my phone can do? Have the securest push email and a full keyboard for typing emails as my job requires me to. Shove it.

    Why is it that people start having fits when others start saying how their phone is better? An example of one of my iPhone 4 friends, I said my battery lasts a little over two days with moderate usage. He said, "Oh, I thought that phone was s**t though.". And he kept saying it when I said he was wrong. In the end I said, "Obviously it's not as s**t as you think because your phone doesn't even last a day with 50% screen brightness, on silent and with moderate usage. Also, if I'm in need of extra battery power and I'm nowhere near a power supply, I have an extra fully charged battery in my pocket." That shut him up and put him into a strop. Anyone else I tell that I have an extra battery, they're pretty much optimistic for my choice and for thinking ahead should a dire situation arise where I have low power.


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    07-02-11 05:48 AM
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    They feel secure when they can impose their opinion on someone else.

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