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    Hi guys,

    This is for the UK really, other countries probably have a different system.

    My friend has an issue with her phone, it's very painful to type on and needs to be exchanged as she can't use it.

    The phone/contract was bought from Carphone warehouse, in store. They were told it couldn't be returned (but I'm sure this is not true, maybe a mix-up?).

    She has decided on a new phone (with a better designed keyboard) and they sell it there, so just an exchange as it is the same amount of money per a month.

    Contract details:

    Bought from Carphone warehouse, through Vodaphone.
    Unlimited anytime any network texts, 300 minutes any network and unlimited internet.
    Duration: 24 months
    Had phone for about 8 days so far.

    She has tried once and they said they couldn't exchange it.

    Could you please give any advice on some laws perhaps that we could use? Or do we have to just go in there and ask to speak to the manager?


    06-09-10 01:02 PM