05-29-10 04:17 PM
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  1. highjakker's Avatar

    TPBM loves to be tickled.
    02-26-10 01:38 PM
  2. NurseBerryAddict's Avatar
    Hate it!

    TPBM has to read while doing their "business"!
    02-26-10 01:52 PM
  3. thinkamp's Avatar
    I don't have to read while doing my "biz", but I do use my phone.

    TPBM is married.
    02-26-10 01:59 PM
  4. highjakker's Avatar
    yep! two years on july 4th!

    TPBM likes their hair pulled.
    02-26-10 02:24 PM
  5. thinkamp's Avatar
    eww no thanks.

    TPBM likes to get slapped in the face.
    02-26-10 02:50 PM
  6. ramalam's Avatar
    Lol no.

    TPUM wants to have more friends than myspace's Tom one day.

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    02-26-10 02:56 PM
  7. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    I don't use Myspace.

    TPBM has never been in a real fist fight.
    02-26-10 03:13 PM
  8. Username00089's Avatar
    False. I have been.

    TPBM thinks I'm a d*uche
    02-26-10 03:18 PM
  9. thinkamp's Avatar

    TPBM doesn't even know me.
    02-26-10 03:21 PM
  10. ramalam's Avatar
    Nope I like your posts.

    TPUM has never killed a living thing(that's not an insect)

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    02-26-10 03:22 PM
  11. xxtrrublexx's Avatar

    TPUM doesn't like their feet being touched.
    02-26-10 03:32 PM
  12. thinkamp's Avatar
    I love having my feet tickeled.

    TPBM I older than 25.
    02-26-10 03:34 PM
  13. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Nope. Only 20.

    TPUM doesn't like beer.
    02-26-10 04:31 PM
  14. Username00089's Avatar
    False. I like beer.

    TPUM hates cold weather.
    02-26-10 05:40 PM
  15. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Very true.

    TPUM drives a 4x4.
    02-26-10 05:41 PM
  16. Username00089's Avatar
    No, but I drive an SUV.

    TPUM hates mustard.
    02-26-10 05:43 PM
  17. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Very False. I put Mustards on everything.

    TPUM secretly loves The Notebook.
    02-26-10 05:44 PM
  18. Username00089's Avatar
    Have never even watched it.

    TPUM has never been under me
    02-26-10 05:48 PM
  19. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Good answer. And true. Haha.

    TPUM farts and secretly enjoys the smell.
    02-26-10 05:49 PM
  20. Username00089's Avatar

    TPUM just laid a fart.
    02-26-10 05:49 PM
  21. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Ladies don't fart.

    TPUM hates dark chocolate.
    02-26-10 05:53 PM
  22. the_sandman_454's Avatar
    Yes, white is the way to go for choc...

    TPUM agrees with me...

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    02-26-10 09:12 PM
  23. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Negative. I only like dark.

    TPUM got 8 hours of sleep last night.

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    02-27-10 03:09 AM
  24. the_sandman_454's Avatar
    False, try 5...

    TPUM once went to see a fight and a hockey game broke out...

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    02-27-10 08:29 AM
  25. thinkamp's Avatar
    I could care less.

    TPBM is gonna have some fun tonight.
    02-27-10 11:46 AM
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