05-29-10 04:17 PM
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  1. sherryrn2001's Avatar
    and it hurt too

    the person below me loves bacon
    02-25-10 08:36 AM
  2. thinkamp's Avatar
    ahhh i do love bacon!

    the person below me is ready for the weekend.
    02-25-10 08:36 AM
  3. jlb21's Avatar
    Yes. Thinking about a pint of Guinness right now.....

    TPBM also thinks the Idol boys were kind of boring last night......
    02-25-10 08:43 AM
  4. highjakker's Avatar
    probably but i dont watc AI.....

    TPBM farted once in public.
    02-25-10 09:17 AM
  5. KillYouWithMyMind's Avatar
    Once? Ha!

    Next person has jumped out of an airplane.
    02-25-10 09:24 AM
  6. highjakker's Avatar
    no i haven't but i would.

    TPBM has worn the same pair of underwear for more than 3 days on one occassion.
    02-25-10 10:29 AM
  7. NurseBerryAddict's Avatar
    No I haven't but my son has....ewwwww.....

    TPBM has stolen at least one pack of gum or candy bar in their lifetime.
    02-25-10 10:44 AM
  8. Username00089's Avatar
    Not even once.

    The person under me wonders what I look like.
    02-25-10 10:45 AM
  9. highjakker's Avatar
    at least one.....

    TPBM has laughed so hard while eating, food has flown from their mouth!
    02-25-10 10:46 AM
  10. NurseBerryAddict's Avatar
    Wow you two must have been typing at the same time.

    Forever....now that you mention it, I wonder what you look like.

    Super....not food but diet coke all over the place! My hubby cleaned it up.

    TPBM snorts when they laugh.
    02-25-10 11:42 AM
  11. jlb21's Avatar
    Sometimes, during Jim Gaffigan's Hot Pockets routine or his Bacon routine.....

    TPBM is very excited for Surviror tonight.
    02-25-10 12:05 PM
  12. NurseBerryAddict's Avatar
    I love that show and can't wait!

    TPBM has lied to a friend.
    02-25-10 12:12 PM
  13. highjakker's Avatar
    only when they ask if their pants make their *** look fat.

    TPBM has ALMOST peed their pants in their adult life.
    02-25-10 12:20 PM
  14. Username00089's Avatar
    Yes, almost.

    TPBM has been in a physical fight within the last six months
    02-25-10 12:23 PM
  15. highjakker's Avatar
    nah, had my share of fighting earlier on.

    TPBM has had sex within the past 2 days....
    02-25-10 12:32 PM
  16. jlb21's Avatar
    Depends on what the definition of "is" is........

    TPBM has been to a Styx concert (with Dennis DeYoung)
    02-25-10 12:55 PM
  17. highjakker's Avatar
    not in this lifetime, although i do a mean robot to "mr roboto"

    TPBM has worn or tried on ladies underwear once.
    02-25-10 02:02 PM
  18. fcknbambola's Avatar

    TPBM hates the Charles Barkley/Taco Bell my box rocks commercial. Ugh!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    02-25-10 06:38 PM
  19. sherryrn2001's Avatar
    oh i DESPISE that commercial!!

    TPBM likes to wear a pink tutu secretly
    02-25-10 06:58 PM
  20. Blkbear's Avatar
    Secretly? Heck I flaunt it and dare anyone to say anything! And have worn two in public, in front of several hundred people. SO there!

    TPBM is not very good at video games.
    02-25-10 08:20 PM
  21. the_sandman_454's Avatar
    Marginally right, but enjoy them anyway for a break...

    TPBM taunts monkeys at the zoo...

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    02-26-10 01:08 AM
  22. highjakker's Avatar
    not since that field trip in 2nd grade when they started throwing their poo.

    TPBM is happy today is FRIDAY!!!!
    02-26-10 07:47 AM
  23. sherryrn2001's Avatar
    no i'm not..it means i have to work for 2 nights

    TPBM ate too much lunch....again
    02-26-10 11:24 AM
  24. highjakker's Avatar
    yessss.....i'm sooooo lseepy now.

    TPBM has polish on their toenails.
    02-26-10 12:23 PM
  25. jlb21's Avatar

    TPBM just drank a pint of guinness
    02-26-10 01:14 PM
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