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    Last nite I was in Walmart looking for a certain TV for my husband, well it seems that this store was out of the one I wanted so I nicely asked the lady in eletronics to call a few stores to see who might have it. Sadly, none of the three she had the numbers to had the TV. I asked her if she had the numbers to other stores as I was willing to drive an hour if needed. Well she did not have the numbers and said she would have to go look them up....... I waited about 5 mins before I went use your BB and I left because in less then 1 min I had every Walmart number in my state at my finger tips and was dailing away........ I did not see that clerk again either, hum I wonder if she ever found the numbers? I was also able to get directions with just a little click of the pearl. Gotta love the instantness of it all. The only down side was my 7 year old was playing with an Iphone and decided she wants one. I informed her that she would not be getting an Iphone this is a BB family, so she then asked for a BB.
    03-24-09 01:16 PM
  2. johntkong's Avatar
    Ha! Great story, I especially loved the part about "this is a BB family".

    Did you ever get her a BB??
    06-12-09 02:20 PM
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    Oh that is so cute.

    This is a BB family.

    That's so funny.

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    06-25-09 09:38 AM
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    The BB family part is quite cute...I'd probably have to say that to my kids when they get older. I just don't see a reason for them to have cellphones, they have no life as of yet
    07-06-09 06:14 AM
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    There's nothing a bb can't do-except fry chicken. I'm sure RIM is working on that :d

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    07-29-09 07:29 PM