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    So I will be going to Gillette for the first time this September (my Dad got tix from a friend for the opener).

    I know the best way to not get frustrated getting in/out is to just know it will take a lot of time.

    That being said, my gut tells me that I may be able to shorten it a bit by parking in a non-official lot and walk a bit. I don't mind a 15 minute walk on either end to possibly beat sitting in the car for far longer.

    I am coming from the North and would thus park north of the Stadium on the Northbound side of Route 1.

    Can anyone recommend a good place to park on that side?

    Thanks ahead of time!

    I am very psyched...last time I went to a Pats game was in the old Foxboro stadium against the Giants in a foggy, warm December game back in 88 or 89 (can't remember).

    Again, thanks ahead of time! I appreciate and thoughts/help you can offer.
    04-26-10 09:37 AM