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    Waiting in Vodafone UK for someone on a customer service line to be available. I want to upgrade my failing 9700 to a 9900. I can't begin to tell you how much I'm desperate to upgrade from my 9700 even lags on the CrackBerry mobile site, typing an email/BBM and general browsing on the OS. I can't open two mobile tabs at once without it saying the page is too large and I get redirected to my homepage

    Is it really this hard to pay off a contract to start a new one?! They can't do it in-store.
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    Waste of time. Had to pay 250 to upgrade my contract early, plus the 225 I owe until July. they didn't want to give any up without a contract either. Carphone Warehouse sold it for 529.99. Might as well get an iPhone 4 for that price with 19.99 to spare. Phones 4U had about 10 in stock but wouldn't give one to me without a contract. I hope I can trust online purchases of phones…
    10-07-11 10:19 AM
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    ok....sure this is the right place for this thread??? you know you left the door open to get flamed right?
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    I have no intention for this thread to be flamed, nor do I want it to. Looking at it, I can see what you mean as it could lead to criticism and argument, but I was simply saying what I thought. If this does get out of hand, by all means this should be closed A.S.A.P.

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