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    Our long lost Half Black, half Jewish, Canadian Rapper has turned to iTunes, which means Apple!. In Drakes core he is a Blackberry User and Fan. As my favorite artist, I have to ask my self, did Drake sell out, or did he choose the endorsement as a career move to better his quantity, distribution, and quality of music?

    P.S. I've been a day one Drake fan more than 7 years ago, I love every aspect of his music and talent, but did he turn his back on The one and only device in which he used to write his rhymes/songs *references see Google* in, and does he still use a BlackBerry maybe whilst rocking an I Phone. After all That picture I attached in which I made my wall paper of the phone is Drake's phone via Instagram. And it was around the time of his 2016 album Views (hence the hands and the "6", the album originally was going to be named "Views From the 6". What do You think?;

    Please add in maybe insiders scoops or just thoughts, please no hate on the thread. -Mitch
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    01-20-17 06:11 AM
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    Drake's Intsgram post, shouting out BlackBerry while working on "Views"
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    01-20-17 06:32 AM
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    The Original Post
    01-20-17 06:43 AM
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    Original Post
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    01-20-17 06:44 AM
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    Drake & his Blackberry 7 yrs ago on FunkMaster Flex, his first official radio appearance. Ironic that they are beefing now..

    He's also linked up With T-Mobile, so I wonder which phone rings for Hotline Blings lol.
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    01-20-17 06:50 AM
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    Well Drake isn't a rapper, he's just a performer. Basically like hip-hop Britney Spears. Ghost writers
    01-20-17 08:17 AM
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    Drake actually writes or is a part of the writing process on every single song he's made. He's actually a ghost writer, he's written for Alicia Keys (Unthinkable) Beyonce, Rita Ora (R.I.P), Jaime Foxx (Fall For Your Type), Melani Fiona, Kanye West "30 Hours" Father "Stretch My Hands" ,
    01-20-17 09:25 AM
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    Beyonce ("Mine"), Kanye, and Alicia Keys; that alone should make you step back and research before you say things. I knew all of those of the top of my head because I'm a nerdy super fan, but still brother, no hating just debating. Drake will go down as one of the top 5 best Rappers of all time. Nobody has had a reign as long and consistent as Drake. Charlamagne tha God said it him self, and so has Sway.

    Along the way he's found other artists like Jeane Aiko, The Weeknd, PND, and others. Face facts. He has a team and that is the way he has been able to remain at the top for so many years, because he works with his team. It's no different then say I'm in the studio and I rap something and you say "hey hold up you should say this instead" or maybe say it like this instead. It's still from the belly of the beast, he's just got friends he chooses to bring them in close along for the ride.
    01-20-17 09:35 AM
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    Sorry thought this thread was about Drake, not all of the other folks you listed to try and legitimize him 😬😬😬.
    01-20-17 09:39 AM
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    I'm saying that Drake is a writer and writes his own stuff, as I said he wrote songs for Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Jaime Friggin Foxx, Melani. I mean it's just not credible or even accurate to say Drake isn't a rapper because her has a ghost writer. One he does not have a Ghost Writer he has a creative process like every rapper on earth, with Eminem he likes to put a bunch of words on a wall, and try to make them fit like a puzzle, using syllable sound combinations, then he himself asks his buddy's what they think, Just like Drake. Drakes writing process involves him coming up with rhymes/melodies/hooks, then bounces them of his producer or his friends who he trusts will give him the constructive criticism he needs. Even if he needs His buddy to reference/rap the track for him so he can see what he likes about that sound and or what he him self would change. Listen to Fall for your type by Jamie Fox, then listen to the Drake Reference track. You'll see where Jamie takes Drakes advice on 80% of the song as far as melody and cadence. BTW back to the Subject at hand Drake writes his raps on his BlackBerry
    01-20-17 10:06 AM

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