1. ndnoutlaw's Avatar
    I went onto the Blackberry site and did some device comparisons, you know the usual Storm v. Bold comparison when, I saw that I could see the specs of the old devices such as the Rim 850. looks like thats where it all started.
    I went through device to device and realized this is when the crack was only weed.
    none of us knew at the time we'd be seeking rehab for addiction, marriages weren't on the rocks. we'd seen the sites at the grand canyon, yosemite, and innocently saw the dead presidents carved out of a mountain.
    We hadn't yet spent vacation checking email and missed our children achieve glory on the field of battle (football) while we were on BB im. Not yet had we taken time out of our day to prove to apple lovers they are hippies and their phones were useless in the corporate world and they are NOT in the cutting edge. did I say EDGE.
    observing those devices I realized.....wow, if not for my device named after a fruit I might still live in my house, be married and children who not only saw me in the stands but observed me cheer for them and be proud. I could remember exactly my vacations to the tee...not just the email I recieved while hiking at diamond head.

    did I just catch a glimse of my life without blackberry.....? Nah!!!!
    03-15-09 04:29 PM
  2. gothookah's Avatar
    hahaha..I sometimes trip off the old devices myself..they really have come a long way.And still growing..
    03-17-09 04:46 AM