1. jaylew's Avatar
    So, I tried to make a PIN exchange thread on Okayplayer.com: Okayplayer.com Boards - Viewing topic #6492756 - OKP Blackberry PIN exchange!

    Yeah, I got shot down with the quickness....lol.

    So I'm trying another route, trying to find any Okayplayer.com members and posting from CB, where people aren't all stuck up about their PINs....
    06-04-08 10:35 PM
  2. addictivelysexy09's Avatar
    damn, that's dirty. i thought the point of the pin was not only to do other crap with but to chat.. whats the point of blackberry messenger if you are not going to exchange pin numbers and converse and bvuuild up a social network.

    i am not a member, but i thought i'd give input.
    what's the point of joining a hip hop site when you don't like hip hop? and i exeunt! lol
    06-04-08 10:59 PM
  3. jaylew's Avatar
    Exactly! They were bugging like I was some sort of psychopath! Oh well, I guess I will just stick to CB. Lol

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    06-04-08 11:06 PM
  4. khelena13's Avatar
    haha. i saw that earlier.
    06-05-08 01:14 AM
  5. jaylew's Avatar
    haha. i saw that earlier.
    Well at least you didn't comment and shoot me down like they did!! LOL
    06-05-08 01:16 AM
  6. khelena13's Avatar
    Well at least you didn't comment and shoot me down like they did!! LOL
    no no, i'm pretty quiet over there. lol.
    06-05-08 01:18 AM
  7. jaylew's Avatar
    I was too...After that, I think I will be for quite some time so they'll forget about that.....LMAO!
    06-05-08 01:20 AM