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    Given that BB's QNX is also a supplier of factory vehicle infotainment systems, and there's some interest in the category, I thought folks might be interested in what Google is doing in this space. Google's consumer focus, their voice-powered Google Assistant, their prowess in the AI world, and of course, their large catalog of apps certainly makes for an interesting situation.
    01-25-19 05:27 PM
  2. i_plod_an_dr_void's Avatar
    Got to borrow a late model 2018 Cadillac (you know, the kind that you have to literally climb into the trunk to reach the farthest corners inside that cavernous space) and compact Chevrolet, and both sang harmonously with the BB10 phones even today. Although they're adverstised as Android Auto and Apple carplay - one might wonder if the old BB10 phone would be utterly useless in these vehicles. So I could use the phone voice dial from the bb10 contacts list, and music app from BB10 through Bluetooth to the infortainment system. BB10 is still awesome, didn't check out any other app compatibility, cause that's probably all I'd use.
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    03-11-19 02:06 AM

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