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    Hello everyone thought I would share a special moment for me as a father, made possible by todays technology.
    My son is a very smart and considerate boy a little spoiled, but then again he usually deserves the praise.For Christmas
    all he wanted was a new tablet because according to him the Pc is just Dad's dated tech, and he was tired of it lagging while playing Minecraft. So after much consideration, because my boy tends to spend all day long on his games and barely gets outside, I decided to give him his Christmas wish (deal was 2 hours outside playing per day).

    Sorry the set-up took so long, now to the point. My son and his friend take the city bus to school everyday, same bus same time. He usually takes his tablet along with him to pass the time, recently a few bully's have bin picking on his best friend, pushing name calling, you know the story making this kids life a nightmare. I wish he would of told me this sooner because like any Dad I want to spare my children as much as possible from our social realities. The nice thing is he is very independent and likes to solve problems around him on his own( with help once in a while)
    So with his tablet in hand he secretly recorded the bully's for three straight days and presented his evidence to the principle of his school and our local police. Thanks to his tablet and his caring nature there's three less bully's on the streets. These things weren't possible when I was a Kid, how time have changed.

    Good work son, Daddy loves you.
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    Cool story! Thanks for sharing.
    03-13-14 02:19 PM
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    Pretty handy, it is sad that bullying won't stop no matter how much spotlight they try to put on it.

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    03-13-14 02:21 PM

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