1. leo1055's Avatar
    Dear RIM:

    I’m tired of defending your honor
    Storm #5 is a goner
    How can you even make money
    When every phone works kinda funny?

    I loved that clicky screen
    Coolest thing I’d ever seen
    But I really needed something slicker
    So here in the end is the kicker:

    Hello to iPhone for what it’s worth
    It’s kind of like a total rebirth
    And as far as the &!@^% PlayBook
    I guess the iPad’s worth a look

    It’s sad to see RIM totally implode
    But you’ve gone down a very bad road
    Until you learn to think with vision
    Your products will be met with derision
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    11-20-11 10:17 PM
  2. zensen's Avatar
    haha, you comedian you.
    11-21-11 01:28 AM