04-21-09 12:39 PM
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    You've gotta be kidding me. You don't think it's a waste but you think it's useless? Talk about synonymous....give me a break.
    Pointless. That was the adjective I used. Get it right or get the f*^k out of my face.
    04-21-09 10:34 AM
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    Pointless. That was the adjective I used. Get it right or get the f*^k out of my face.
    Maybe you should wait awhile so you can get a better understanding of the words you try to use. Your the one critcizing the thread....sounds more like your trolling..........GET IT RIGHT AND GET OUT OF THE F***IN THREAD!!!!!!
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    In Clinton's years as President; he said the era of a need for 'big government' is over. However we have entered the era where big government is now necessary (not a choice)...in many facets of our lives.

    Government intervention in some aspects of life may not be welcome by many; but in many more respects it is this very intervention that mandates/regulates/maintains order, responsibility and accountability. Let me give a recent and not-so-far-reaching example (the peanuts-processing plant) linked to an outbreak which led to deaths and illness across the country. Governmental entities had to actively step in the way of a 'freely operated' enterprise.

    People shouldn't expect the government to ONLY come into the picture when a problem arises. Sure, some say gov't creates more problems than it solves and averts...however my point is government is needed (and it's need is getting bigger; hence government getting bigger).

    Deal and live with it.
    Alot of people find it hard to see beyond their own specific situation and see the bigger picture. People often say: "Well where's my bailout?". It's not realized that if all these super large buisnesses all fold at once, then there will be a mojor collapse. In essence that IS our bailout.
    04-21-09 11:24 AM
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    I'm putting that record on again!!!!!!!!

    EDIT: Don't make me break it out a 3rd time in one page!!!!!! lol
    04-21-09 12:39 PM
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